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We took part in the international friendship tournament which was held in Singapore on the 8th of September 2018.

Three fighters from Sri Lanka took part in this. Namely, Sensei Anupama and Sensei Kumara in the youth category list Sensei Lakmal in the adult category.

Sensei Anupama faught extremely well and was placed 4th and Sensei Lakmal was placed 3rd place after a great fight.

We hope to take part in the world karate tournament which will be held in Tokyo in 2019.

1. Up to now we have taken part in nine world karate tournaments, leven asian karate tournaments, two mini world tournaments, three common wealth karate tournaments and two world weight category tournaments held in japan, australia, singapore, indonesia, philippines, india, nepal, sri lanka, russia and france
2. We are holding kyokushin tournaments annually (under 19,15,12 &10).
3. International tournaments will be held under the directions of headquarters in japan.
4. World tournaments are held once in four years.
5. Asian tournaments are held once in two years. 
6. Common wealth tournaments are held once in three years.
7. World weight category tournaments are held once in three years.

If you are eligible to take part in these tournaments the organization will provide air fair, hotel accommodation  etc.

Kyokushin Kai kan
Nanda Siriwardana Kyokushin_Kai-kan

We will be celebrating our 50th anniversary of our Kyokushin Karate Organization, Sri Lanka on a grand scale.

I would like to take this opportunity to pay my deepest respect to Shihan D.A.Welgama, Shihan Malcolm Atapattu and Dr L.F.N.Senanayaka for establishing this organization in Sri Lanka. Without Shihan D.A.Welgama we wouldn't have a powerful Kyokushin organization as what we have today.

We owe them a great deal of gratitude for creating this and allowing us to pursue the real Karate in Sri Lanka specially for the future generation.

The founder of Sri Lanka karate kyokushin organization Shihan D.A Weilgama


One of the founders of Kyokushin karate organization in Sri Lanka and the chief instructor of Shihan Nanda Siriwardhane is Mr.Malcomm Attapattu. He was the pioneer karate ka in Sri Lanka.

Nanda Siriwardana Kyokushin_Kai-kan
Nanda Siriwardana Kyokushin_Kai-kan

Shihan D.A Weligama was at a function giving a speech. On his left is Shihan Nanda Sriwardhane

Shihan Weligama is seated in the middle. left hand corner is seted Shihan t. Nanda Siriwardhane. Next to Shihan Nanda Siriwardhane is Mr.Ananda Abyenayake. Right hand corner is seated Mr.Susantha Amarasinghe. Next to Mr.Susantha Amarasinghe is Mr.D.C.M Karunatilleke. These ara the persons who went to Japan to take part in the first world open karate tournament which was held in Tokyo Japan in 1975.

Nanda Siriwardana Kyokushin_Kai-kan
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