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KYOKUSHIN KAI KAN - Sri Lanka Branch
Founder: Grand Master Masutatsu Oyama
World General Director: Kancho Shokei Matsui
Asian and Middle East Chairman / Iko Advisor: Shihan Peter Chong
Sri Lanka Branch Chief & Director: Shihan T. Nanda Siriwardana
Vice President : Navin Perera
Secretary: U. G. I Kariyawasam
Treasurer: Anupama Sampath
Learn true Kyokushin Karate
The Sri Lanka Kyokushin Kai Kan organization practices Mas Oyama's real Kyokushin karate conducted by the first and the authentic Kyokushin organization japan and is headed by Shihan Nanda Siriwardana (5th Dan black belt) who's the only person appointed personally by late Sosai Masutatsu Oyama (founder of Kyokushin karate) and Shihan Peter Chong of Singapore to represent the Sri Lanka organization.
  Grand Master
Masutatsu Oyama
  Kancho Shokei Matsu   Shihan Peter Chong   Shihan T. Nanda Siriwardana  
Who is Shihan Nanda Siriwardene ?

  • A proficient instructor with 5th Dan Black Belt with experience of more than 30 years.
  • A professionally competent instructor trained in Japan under Sosai Oyama.
  • An able instructor trained by Sri Lanka's greatest Karate pioneers, Shihan D.A.Weilgama and Shihan Malcom Attapattu. and greatest martial artist of the 20th century the late grand master Sosai Masutatsu Oyama, as well as Shihan Royama who was the winner of the first World Kyokushin open tournament heid in 1975 and Kancho Shokei Matsui- the winner of the fourth World Kyokushin open tournament in 1987 and the current World Director General of Kyokushin Kai Kan and Shihan Peter Chong - Singapore Branch Chief(International Advisor of I.K.O)
  • An experienced instructor who has participated in many World Karate Tournaments
  • As an expert instructor ,has brought credit to Sri Lanka by sending some of his students to many World , Asian an Common Wealth Karate Tournaments
  • A truly dedicated instructor with a thorough knowledge gained through the participation in many world Karate Training Camps

Today Shihan Siriwardene is the official representative of the Sri Lanka branch of the True Kyokushin Karate Organization of Japan headed by Kancho Shokei Matsui. Shehan Siriwardene's Kyokushin Karate Organization is the only organization accredited with having the best Training Hall (Dojo) with facilities in par with international standards.

Shihan Siriwardana has represented Sri Lanka in the 1975 and 1979 world open karate tournaments held in Japan. He has also taken part in the world open karate tournaments held in 1984,1987,1991,1996 and 2000 in Japan, in Asian open karate tournaments in 1981,1982,1984,1990,1992,1994,1996 and 2000 in Indonesia, Singapore,Indonesia, Japan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, India and Philippines respectively. In addition, Shihan Siriwardana has taken part in the capacity of an official Judge in Commonwealth Tournaments in 1988,1998 in Australian and 1992 in Singapore . He has also participated as a judge in a number of World Karate Tournaments including the Japanese, French, American and Russian Tournaments.

All administrative affairs are carried out by the Kyoukushin  Headquarters-Japan. At the end of each training program, students will be given certificates issued only by the Japanese Headquarters.    
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